Monday, February 27, 2012

Ready for Baby: A Welcome to the World Gift

Any day now, my best friend is going to have a baby. I have waited a super long time for this moment and I am looking forward to every moment of it.

This is my best friend that I have blogged about before. She always comes up with the perfect gifts for people and I think I rather lack in that department. Luckily for me, I had several months to come up with the perfect Welcome Baby gift! My best friend is not a pink kinda gal. She has opted to decorate her baby room in greens and reds. Maybe the hardest part of this project was picking out material that was more her and less me!

I have seen these onesie's before and really wanted to make them for her baby. I think my best friend will be all about tracking her babies growth. I thought these onesies would be the extra perfect way of helping her do that.

Supplies Needed:
Material - I got 1 yard of each color.
Heat and Bond (or Wonder Under) -again I got a yard.
12 Onesies in a variety of sizes. (I used three-Birth to Three months, three-Three to Six Months, three-Six to Nine Months, three-Nine Months to 12 months.)
Sewing Machine
Cricut Machine
Cricut Cartridge of Choice
Cutting Mat

The first step is deciding how big to make your circle and your numbers.  It might have been helpful to have the onesie's on hand to aid in this decision. But, I did not. We guessed.

The next step is to cut the material out. We used a Cricut. My friend Meeghan has cut fabric out with her Cricut once before so she served as my guide. We used a new cutting mat and a brand new blade. The trick here is to make sure neither the blade or the cutting mat have ever been used for anything other than fabric.

The next step is to pick out a cartridge that had a font you like. We used Birthday Bash and Boys Will Be Boys. 

Next you want to prepare the material by ironing the Heat and Bond to the back of the fabric you will be using.  We first attempted to leave the Heat and Bond on the material when we cut the material but it was just a little too thick. So, we ended up removing the backing before putting the prepared material onto the cutting mat.

Next, cut the prepared material to fit onto the cutting mat. And then just use your Cricut like you would if you were cutting out paper.

Next, I ironed the circle to the onesie, then the number to the center of the circle. As you can see from the above photo, it just did not pop. It needed some stitching to bring it to life. I have no experience with appliques or even with fancy stitching. But I tried a simple zig zag stitch using darker colors and came up with something that looked good to me. {Not bad for a girl who nearly failed home ec!}

I went around each circle and each number twice. As the onesie's got bigger so did the circles and the numbers. I also planned ahead and purchased long sleeved onesies for the winter months.

Okay Baby Girl, We are ready for you. When you are ready, come on out and meet the world!

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For The Love of Oscar!

My husband went fishing this weekend, which left me no time to catch a last minute movie, I focused on preparing for the Oscars. I had a few friends over to have dinner and watch the 84th Academy Awards.

 Tracy made these chocolate dipped strawberries. They were worthy of the red carpet, so she named them, Red Carpet Berries.

After that, we had 9 food dishes inspired by the Best Picture Nominations.

 Baked Brie en Croute: From the movie, Midnight in Paris. Tracy actually made two: one raspberry and one apricot. Super yummy and way easy!

 Blue Hawaiian Punch: From the movie, The Descendants. The punch needed to be non-alcoholic for two reasons: 1) the BFF is pregnant, and 2) everyone was driving home afterwards. I will tell you all this punch was amazing and I look forward to the summer day when I can add some Malibu Rum to it and sip away!

Wanna make it too? Here is the recipe:
2 packages of any blue Kool-Aid
2 Cups of Sugar
2 Quarts of Water
2 frozen cans of Bacardi Pina Colda Mix
1 liter of Club Soda

Mix the Kool-Aid with the sugar, water, and Bacardi. Mix until the sugar is dissolved. (BTW, the Bacardi mix has chunks of pineapple in it so don't get all worried when you see yellow things floating in the mix.)

 For Dessert: Oreo Pudding Poke Cake with Chocolate Cake: from The Artist.  Black and white movie, black and white dessert. This was a Pinterest find from a blogger, The Country Cook. The instructions said to only let the pudding sit for 2 minutes till you pour it on, and they are probably not exaggerating. I waited a bit longer and it was too thick to go down in the holes. So,  am not sure you can say it is a Poke Cake, mostly a cake frosted with oreo pudding.

 YES, we had to have Hot Dogs: from Moneyball! And after seeing Brad Pitts girl, Angelina last night, I wish she would eat a hot dog! This addition was a big hit with our under 15 crowd last night.

 From Hugo: Wendy made Baked Macaroni and Cheese using Wagon Wheel pasta. We thought the wagon wheels looked like clocks! Super yummy and cheesy!

Garlicky Sesame-Cured Broccoli Salad from The Tree of Life. What a surprise. We loved this dish! Even young Brandon picked this one as his "second favorite". No way is this broccoli dish healthy, but it was clear, this was not your ordinary broccoli. And that matches the movie, The Tree of Life exactly, it is not your ordinary best picture nomination!

  Minnie's Chocolate Pie from The Help. Yep, we went there. Had to really! It is almost iconic, right? This pie did not really come from Minnie. This one came from Tippins! So, please go ahead and have two slices!!

Turnip Gratin from The War Horse. The family needed a successful crop of turnips to survive financial ruin, and they delivered! Giving us lots of turnips to cook with. The majority of my guest had never eaten a turnip in their lives. Two out of three liked the dish. That ain't bad, right?

And our final entree: New York Strip Steak from the movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. The movie was filmed in New York so we opted for one of the things we love named for the town.

The actual awards ceremony was nice. I ended up picking Penelope Cruz as my Best Dressed. But I thought Michelle Williams was a close second and Kristin Wiig rounded out my top three.

I did not care for Meryl Streep (did her dress even fit her?) outfit. Most of the household also did not like Rooney Mara's dress either. I did not like Shailene Woodley (could she have made herself look any older?). And maybe Maya Rudolph was the absolutely worst dressed! Well, she is probably competing with Nick Nolte.

I also feel the need to tell you that I thought Billy Crystal (who did not look as good as years past) did an amazing job! But for me, one of the things that I loved and will talk about for a long time...the Ellen commercials for JC Penney!

I am happy for Christopher Plummer and Octavia Spencer. I am happy that Midnight in Paris won Original Screenplay (they say that is the award they give the second best picture of the year.) And who did not love Jean Dujardin's acceptance speech?

Another year of movie watching has come to an end. It was a great one. And since I did not get every movie  seen before The Oscars, I have some good things to look forward to seeing on DVD!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Road To The Oscars: Part IV

Well, I used some comp time and left work early to finish out my Best Picture quest.

I basically had a private showing of Hugo today. Me and my Diet Coke alone in a movie theater.

Someone asked me today what were my favorites? Well, other than the Tree of Life, I really liked them all. I think they are all "good" movies. But I am not in love with any of them. I do not passionately want one to win the Oscar over the others. Is anyone else feeling less than passionate about this year's nominations?

                       War Horse Movie Poster 2

War Horse: 
Nominated for: Best Picture, Cinematography, Art Direction, Best Director, Original Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing.

This was a very good story. I cried. I laughed. And then I cried some more. Animal cruelty is just as hard to watch as child abuse is. I told my husband, even though this is a "war" movie, I think he would consider it to be a "chick" flick.  The Boy went with me to see it and I noticed he spent quite a bit of time on his cell phone (he thought he was hiding it under his shirt!).  The Cinematography is spectacular.


Nominated for: Best Picture, Cinematography, Art Direction, Costume Design, Best Director, Film Editing,
Original Score, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects, Adapted Screen Play

What a wonderful story. I think I am a sucker for stories about people who have lost their way and an unexpected someone helps them find their way back. (Kinda reminds me of my day job.) This movie is seamless and just amazing. What is real? What is computer animated?  I just know I did not want to dissect it but just enjoy it. I also enjoyed seeing a few familiar faces in this movie. Ben Kingsley, Sacha  Cohen, and Jude Law.

Other movies I have watched:
I spent some time watching movies nominated for technical awards. One of them, Real Steel, was cute and entertaining. I kinda wish I had waited for the family to be home but I watched it alone.  I also re-watched The Help. I had seen it before but I watched it standing up in the kitchen when Miss Medical Student was here. I liked it. I did not LOVE it. So, I thought maybe I should give it another chance. I still liked it. I think my reluctance to love it comes from the fact that I just LOVED the book.

So there you have it. All 9 Best Picture nominations plus a few extra here and there. We are having an Oscar weekend so I am sure there will be at least one more post about the Oscars.

Things are happening quickly here. The Oscars, The Short Chic's birthday, and the birth of the BFF's baby is imminent, and that means a Sip and See Shower very soon.Oh yeah, and my Momma's birthday is in that mix. Whew!  I am ready for Birthday Season to be over! (just kidding, as soon as I typed that I knew I did not really mean it!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Invitations

We are busy over here preparing for our next big birthday party.

The Short Chic is turning four and she wants a Princess party.

I love Princesses. They make me smile. I even love the Disney Princesses. But I do think they are a bit overdone (sorry Disney!) So, in planning our Princess party, I have tried to capture the essence of a Princess without it becoming an ode to Disney.

An invitation is the first introduction your guest will have to the party. And I found and created the most perfect invitation!  Redheaded Crafter posted a super cute card a few months ago and I knew right then and there I was going to have to try and make them for The Short Chic's invitation. (If you are ever in the mood for homemade cards, Redheaded Crafter makes the absolute best ones!) I have been scrapbooking for many years now and I am able to say...I learned a few new tricks. I learned how to dry emboss and wet emboss and I learned the proper terminology!

 So, here is the invitation! The Short Chic's favorite princess {at this moment anyway} is Princess Jasmine. So, I wanted to use her colors in our party. {Besides not using Disney Princess, try not using pink as your color!}

 I did a little wet embossing on the star, the castle peaks, and the flag. I also dry embossed a few places on the cards using my newest tool, the Sizzix Texture Boutique Embosser.

The pieces were cut out with a Cricut using the "Wrap It Up" cartridge to cut out the castle. I used the "Once Upon a Princess" cartridge to make the wand.

I used Tim Holtz ink on the clouds, after they went through the Sizzix Texture Boutique Embosser. I put the entire castle and wand on a light pink background. {I did try a shade of teal but it just did not look good.}

The Short Chic did help me as much as a soon-to-be 4 year old cool. She played Princess all over the bed "trying" hard not to step on the pieces. After they were put together, she had the largest gasp of breath and declared them "beautiful, Mom!"  It melted my heart. {And gave me another reason why I would spend nearly ten hours putting a dozen of these cards together.}

I added some cute wording to the inside and The Royal Invitations are ready for the mailbox.

Too bad tomorrow is a state holiday and there is not mail service.

Monday, February 13, 2012

FINALLY...A Snow Day!

 Finally, we had a snow day. Why did it have to occur on a state holiday? I was so looking forward to time alone today. Instead, I got lots of projects finished. And, I got to hang out with two of the greatest kids!

Alone time can wait!

The Boy is still laid up from his emergency surgery, so no sledding for him. He is also not suppose to throw things but I saw him sneak in a few snowballs. {Mom is always looking!}

Instead, he taught his sister to make snowballs, a snowman, and make snow angels.

As far as teaching her that you could eat snow, well...I am afraid her friend taught her that.  She saw the neighbors dog eating snow and thought it was funny until her little friend said, "Its okay to eat snow." As funny as she thought that was, I found her next with a mouth full of snow.

So, I had to teach her the "golden" rule about eating snow. She is now passing that knowledge along to everyone she sees.

Happy Snow Day everyone!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Road to the Oscars: Part III

I am on Day Two of a movie marathon. I am hoping to squeeze one more in before I go back to work on Tuesday.

I thought I would give you a heads up about a few more movie's that are nominated.

The Artist 
Nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor (Jean Dujardin), Supporting Actress (Berenice Bejo), Art Direction, Cinematography, Best Director, Film Editing, Music, Original Screenplay.

This is the "silent" movie that your peers might be talking about. It is a through-back to "old Hollywood". Days of black and white, silent movies.

I really thought I would have to suffer through this one just to mark it off my list. But this is why I see the nominated movies, you never know when you are going to find something you would not normally watch and fall in love with it.

The general story follows a man, George Valentine, who is a silent film star. He helps out an upcoming actress, Peppy Miller. They fall in love but two things keep them apart. The first is that George is married. And the second, the movie industry moves away from silent films into talkies. And George stumbles hard while Peppy shines like the star she was destined to be. Peppy is George's guardian angel, but George is too proud to take help.

Yes, this movie is almost 100% silent.However, I still loved it! I found myself annoyed with the crowd but only slightly. {The movie is silent and you can totally hear every little crunch of food in the theater!} The two main actors are great! In addition, I really liked John Goodman's character.


The Descendants
Nominated for: Best Picture, Best Actor (George Clooney), Best Director (Alexander Payne), Film Editing, and Adapted Screenplay.

What did I know about this movie before I saw it? Well, I knew it was about a man who lived in Hawaii whose wife was cheating on him. I also knew the cute actress from Secret Life of the American Teenager was in it along with the ever classy George Clooney.

I learned the movie is about a man, who is the descendant to Hawaiian royalty who is on the verge of making a huge decision that could change Hawaii, who is dealing with his wife's near fatal accident that has left her in a coma. He has two daughters on the verge of being out of control and then has to deal with the fact that his wife was having an affair before he accident.

We (Tracy and I) saw this one last night and both liked it. The setting is breathtaking. (Anyone want to take me to Hawaii?)  I loved his obsession. I loved his anger and his composure to try and keep it together. I loved his insecurity about becoming the primary parent when he had always been the secondary.  I am glad to see Shailene Woodley on the big screen. I bought her whole rebellious out of control teenager role. I would like to see her in other big screen movies.


Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Nominated for: Best Picture, Supporting Actor (Max von Sydow).

My husband and I saw this movie yesterday afternoon on a date. I always worry taking him to a nominated movie, but I am happy to say this one turned out okay. Okay except, I cried off all my makeup.

The story is a little boy who struggles to deal with the loss of his father.  He finds a key and he sets out to find the hidden message he believes must exist with the key. In the process he located and develops a relationship with many people, including his long lost grandfather.

I have seen a lot of movies with the post 9-11 theme. It is hard not to get all emotional over them. But the focus of this movie is not on the attacks of 9-11. But rather on a little boy, who may the on the Autism Disorder Spectrum, struggle to deal with his loss. It is about a mother who must learn to relate to her child in a way that the father typically had done.

It was a nice movie to see. I liked it. No offense, Extremely Loud, but you are not my choice for Best Picture this year.

Other movies I have seen this week:

 Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Plummer)

Nominated for Costume Design (of course!) 

Nominated for Best Documentary Feature (yes, I watched at least 90% of this movie. If you have seen it, maybe we can chat about it. I will say, I had some interesting thoughts after watching it!)

Until next week my movie-watching-lovers! It is my goal to see Hugo and War Horse this coming week.

A Valentine's Day Chase

I had an adults only night out last night!

My dearest friend Meeghan and I have been up to our eyeballs in Mommy-ville! We have dreamed about having an adult dinner. You remember them...real ceramic plates with actual breakable glass to drink from! Adult conversations, something grown-up for dinner. Oh and no small child yelling, "Mom, I gotta go pee-pee!" as soon as we actually settle down to eat. No siblings fighting.  No spills.

Yes, an adult dinner! And maybe an adult movie to follow. Oh that sounded like heaven!

So, we kinda had a double date. Meeghan and her husband (The Honeysuckles) and me and my BFF, Tracy. My husband graciously agreed to stay home with the kids so that Tracy and I could go see a nominated film together and we  coordinated with The Honeysuckles for dinner! We picked an Oyster Bar, had a few beers (except for Tracy, she is 8 1/2 months pregnant).

We had great food. Great laughs. Great conversations. Even nearly running into an ex-boyfriend at dinner could not spoil our night.

Tracy and I said goodbye to The Honeysuckles at dinner, they were watching a different movie than us. It is Oscar time and we can't waste any movie watching on non-Oscar movies. They headed to see The Grey and we saw The Descendants.

As the movie was ending, I got a text message from my husband that said, "there is a note on the door from the garage to the house for you. be sure to read it. hurry home, we miss you."

Oh, how nice is that?!

I do not take very many nights away from the family, so I was happy to be missed. I drove home and found a note on the door that told me I had a surprise on the dinning room table. There I found...

 A dozen pink roses! With this loving note:

So the note told me to head to the kids' bathroom. There I found a card:

 A pretty princess card from my favorite pretty princess, The Short Chic. Inside the card was a loving note from her:

 We have been working hard on her learning to write her name. I guess she decided to write her nickname instead.

And then I was given my next instruction. Head to the treadmill, back downstairs.

There I found:

 The Boy's note said, "My card is on the Treadmill because you always go the extra mile everyday." His card told me that I melt his heart. We have been telling each other that for years. (It is a line from the movie, Hope Floats".  He still melts my heart too!

 I was then instructed to head to the microwave up in the kitchen.  I went there and found an itunes card and a note saying that I make their hearts sing! Oh how sappy sweet is that!

The microwave note sent me to the living room to look under one of the cushions. There I found a Nike t-shirt and another note.

This note said that Valentine's Day is all about you!! Then I was instructed to head to the bread box back in the kitchen.

There I found a loving note from my true love, The Husband.

Then there was another note telling me to head upstairs to my bed and look under my pillow.
When I got there I found a large orange box with a white swoosh on it.

A new pair of purple/hot pink Nike shoes! As you all know The Husband and I have been on a weight loss plan and exercise is part of it.  So, he stayed clear of chocolates and sweets and purchased me something full of love.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

You might think I am weird.

But I love those little class parties my kids have! Valentine's Day is probably my favorite class party because I love making homemade Valentines Day cards.  My son, The Boy, is all grown up and no longer has class parties. {insert sad face here!} However, my daughter, The Short Chic, started preschool this year {insert a large smiley face here!} I get to start all over again!!

The Valentine's Day party is next week. The only stipulation is that The Short Chic has to try and write her name by herself on the Valentine.

I started off with these cute, Made in the USA, plastic shovels and wrote a cute little Valentine's message on it.  Then I added a bag of candy, taped it to the shovel.

The last detail was the little stipulation that The Short Chic had to write her own name on the Valentine. I cut a 2x6 piece of cardstock and let her practice away. Here is her best attempt:

How stinking cute is that! She told me that everyone is going to love her Valentine's the Best!

And that melted MY heart!

For another great Homemade Valentine's Day card, check out the one's I made last year for my coworkers

When The Flu is NOT the Flu

It is flu season.

For weeks, I have been seeing post on my Facebook News Feed about all my "friends" who were battling the flu. I was just silently praying that it would skip my family.

Then at 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday, the dreaded "middle-of-the-night-shoulder-shake" occurred. The Boy was standing there asking me if I had anything to help with an upset stomach. Well, I knew I did not because recently I had gone one of my get rid of all outdated medications kick. But I looked, just in case. Instead I settled for making him some Ginger Tea. Then I settled myself at the foot of his bed and tried to sleep until the next phase began.

Around 3:30 when The Boy started vomiting. Every half hour. Finally he is stomach was empty of all food and the dry heaves started. Throughout the day, every half hour. We actually had one reprieve, of two hours and then we were back to more vomiting. By late afternoon, we are exhausted. His body had worked hard  and I had been up forever! I noticed he was falling asleep sitting upright but he would not lay down. I made a note to tell The Husband how weird this was but never thought of it any more.

There are certain things you do just because you think you are suppose to. One of those things, flu means lots of blankets. At six, I picked up a blanket to put on him. I must have touched him and he jumped, telling me how badly his stomach hurt.  I asked him to show me and he pointed to an area lower than the belly button maybe in the groin area. I told The Husband about it, asked if it was where his appendix was. The Husband was pretty sure the appendix was up higher.

We ate dinner, then I settled in to call my Aunt. I told her that the flu had hit our home. I told her about the pain in his stomach and she said to me, "watch him, if he starts vomiting, it is probably his appendix."  Immediate fear set in!

He was already vomiting. What if the vomiting was not the flu but something more serious?

I started texting Miss Medical Student. She verified where the appendix was. She also told me that if I poked on the left side of his body, the right side would hurt. I took two fingers and poked on his left side. He about jumped through the ceiling. Thank you to Apple iphone, Miss Medical Student and I were able to facetime each other. Her only concern was that The Boy did not look to be in the pain she had seen previously but she acknowledged that maybe he has a high threshold for pain. So she said, this was worth a trip to the ER to have it checked out. She told me not to wait till the morning and go to our primary care physician. She also said not to go to Urgent Care, we needed a hospital that also had an operating room.

She prepared me for the diagnostic test and that IF it was his appendix, they would remove it immediately. She suggested I pack an overnight bag.

At 7:15, we headed off to the Emergency Room.  I can not even begin to tell you how packed the ER was. We had to wait in line to check-in.  We waited a good twenty minutes to see the triage nurse, who gave me two heart palpitation. First he asked how tall The Boy was. Well, I am not really sure, but I think he is about 5'7". He measured him. No, he is 5'10"! {REALLY?}  The second heart palpitation came when he told me that The Boy's fever was 102.9. {I had checked it at home and it was 99.9. Miss Medical Students book said that a low grade fever was typical of a appendix attack and a high fever was typical of a appendix perforation.  Now, this seemed serious. Well, except for The Boy. He did not look like he was in pain. More like in discomfort.}

An hour later we were escorted back to the ER. As soon as the ER doctor saw him, he told us he was sure The Boy was having an appendix attack but of course he had to wait on the test results. Then he added he was already calling the surgeon.

Long story made short all the test came back that The Boy was having an appendicitis attack. We were rushed into emergency surgery at 11:15 p.m. One of the hardest things a Momma has to do is have her child wheeled one way towards surgery and be escorted the opposite way towards a waiting room. That is the longest hour you will ever spend. The surgeon told me that his appendix would have burst before morning. {OMG, if I just would have waited till morning, if would have been too late!} We stayed in recovery an hour and a half before we were escorted to an inpatient room at 1:30 a.m.
Right after his appendectomy

So, when is the flu not the flu. When it is an appendicitis attack. Believe in whatever high power you choose to, but I know my higher power put me in contact with my Aunt that night. He also put a very busy medical student at home studying on my night in crisis. And then he sent me an additional Angel.

The Husband stayed home with The Short Chic. My mom lives an hour away and the weather was yucky. The Boys' father lives over an hour away. So, my Higher Power sent me my friend Jen. She came to the hospital while we were in the Emergency Room, she stayed through surgery, and she sat with The Boy post-op so I could get a few hours of sleep. I know she went home to be awake with her own children all day after she sacrificed herself for The Boy and I the night prior.

My advice from going through this experience: Listen to your children. Listen to your inner voices. Listen to the Angels in your life. The Boy was sleeping upright because it hurt to much to lay flat. Sitting up, put some pressure on his appendix that brought him some relief.  I knew it was off. I just did not know why.

We are home now. He is on medication for the pain. I have slept a lot trying to recover from the loss of sleep. {These old bodies just do not bounce back like they use to!}
At home, sleeping. Along with a few gifts he has received since being home.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Party

WOW! What a busy day yesterday was. A big day for football. Congratulations to the NY Giants on becoming The XLVI Super Bowl Champions. You played a great game.  I honestly thought Tom and the other Patriots had it in the bag, but The Giants came back and snatched the lead and did not leave much time for The Patriots to recover.

There was another super bowl of sorts going on right here in our home. That is, a Super Bowl of a party!

We had about 20 boys over plus 5 adults and of course, The Short Chic making one full household.  I was pretty proud of my Super Bowl table, and it was worth a few ooh's and awwh's until The Husband took his smoked food off the smoker. Then all eyes  {and mouth's} were on his food.

 Thanks to a find on Pinterest, these cute football windsocks welcomed everyone to the house. You can see other household decorations here.

 Just a few photos of the food table. Individual 7 layer dips, Snickers Popcorn and water.

 Decorable Designs, I found her at, made the paper decorations for me. Water Bottle Labels, Food Labels, and Cupcake Toppers, she was able to design just what I wanted quick and easy!  If you need paper products for an upcoming party, give her a shout out at the link above!

Besides the paper cupcake toppers, I also made chocolate footballs out of melting chips. They made very cute toppers to my chocolate cupcakes with creme filling and topped with buttercream frosting.  YUMMY!

 I also made Oreo Truffles. These were one of the big hits of the night. The Boy actually snuck upstairs and hid several of these just so he had a few left over!

 Thanks to my friend Deb for suggesting these Alabama Fire Crackers. I have to say I only used half of the Cayenne Pepper that the recipe called for and these little crackers had a nice PA-POW to them. I can only imagine if I had made them full strength.

These were my little quarterback sneak packets. A few daring boys quickly decided to dive in and see what they held. They were rewarded with chocolate treats of course.  These might become a staple in my future parties, The Short Chic loved them and now wants them at her next party.

Snickers Popcorn from Six Sisters' Stuff was pretty amazing. 

 Here is the birthday invitation that Decorable Designs made for us. It was a perfect introduction to the party!
 More paper work from Decorable Designs. I have to say everyone drank up the Giants water and no one drank the Patriots water!
 Chocolate covered Oreo cookies. And chocolate covered pretzels were another two of the top consumed things I made. I double dipped the pretzel rods: caramel first then chocolate. There was not a stick or cookie left in the house!
 How about a Pizza Dip with a decorative goal post? This dip was found on Pinterest and it was the yummiest. We served it with bread and The Husband kept saying how it was his favorite. {I think he was just trying to make me feel better because clearly his smoked food upstaged everything!}

I could not get in there fast enough to catch a photo of the smoked food. It was being devoured as The Husband was putting it out. He smoked Tri Tip, sausages, and chicken  wings. I also made up the Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken that I found on Pinterest. If you have not made them yet, you should add them to your next party. YUMMY!!
 In Vegas you can beat on anything. They have special bets for the Super Bowl that are called Prop Bets. Since betting is illegal here in our state, oh and the party is for teenagers, we do Prop Guesses. We had several questions about the game and gave the guest a chance to guess the answer. The ones with the correct answer are rewarded with a prize.  Some of our questions:

  1. Will the coin toss be Heads or Tails?
  2. Which team will win the coin toss?
  3. Who will score first?
  4. What type of play will the first score be? (no one saw a safety coming our directions!
  5. What will Kelly Clarkson wear while singing the National Anthem?
  6. How many outfit changes will Madonna have during half time?
  7. Who will be the MVP?

 My little cheerleader. She was so excited for her Bubby's birthday party! We had to order her a cheerleader outfit a few weeks ago to ensure it would get here in time, so it was not team specific. She picked out the local high school color so she could wear it again.

 She was a big help in greeting the guest as they arrived. She even said good bye as they left. Of course, about half way through the first quarter she decided she was done with football and retreated to her bedroom. Nick Jr. is number one in her book!

 A few boys making their prop guesses before kickoff! We had a few people at the party who are pretty good about this, they may want to consider watching next years game in Vegas!

 The inside of one of my yummy cupcakes.  I found a creme filling recipe on...PINTEREST and I whipped it up. Okay, it adds another step in your cupcake making experience but totally worth it!

 These are my girlfriends who came over to watch the big game with us! They are simply the best!

 The Boy. After the party, he immediately cleaned up the downstairs room. And he gave his Momma a big ole hug and kiss and said THANK YOU for the best party ever!

Yes, that makes it all worth it!