Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Weight Watchers Update and Giveaway!

It has been five weeks since I joined Weight Watchers.

The time is flying by! Today was my sixth weigh in. I reached a goal, I have now officially lost 5% of my body weight. This week I lost another 2.2 pounds. My total weight loss in the past six weeks is 10.4 pounds.

The "experts" tell me there are many benefits to losing 5% of your body weight. Here is what they tell me..

1.  You feel better {Which is true, I do feel better!}
2. 5% is enough to reduce the likelihood of Type 2 Diabetes.
3. Lower blood pressure {this one I don't have to worry about, God has given me low blood pressure}.
4. Lower cholesterol.
5. Breathing gets easier.
6. Sleep better.
7. Improves mobility.
8. Reduces the risk of certain cancers.

The last one, number 7, that is the reason I am on this weight loss journey. Sure, I want to look better. Maybe wear a swimsuit that comes in two pieces. But the honest, down and dirty reason is that I want to be healthier. I want to lower my cancer risks factors.

Why do I love Weight Watchers? This week that I lost 2.2 pounds I ate: Costco cake, had barbecue, drank a beer, had frozen yogurt, and had chicken salad sandwiches. I can eat anything I like, in moderation, and still lose weight. I am not depriving myself of carbs. I am not living on bacon. I am not eating veggies only. I am not living on 500 calories a week and taking pregnancy hormones. I am eating food, just like I am going to do every day until I am no longer on this earth. However, I am learning portion control all over again.

Speaking of portion control, I picked up these cool new stainless steel ladles from Weight Watchers today. Why are they cool? Well, they are portioned control. There are three of them: 1 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1/4 cup. With these ladles in your kitchen you will no longer have to worry about how much pasta salad you put on your plate, or how much dip you piled on those veggies.

The other cool thing? I picked up two sets of ladles. One for me and one for a lucky winner! I am going to give away a set of these cool Easy Measure Serving Sets from Weight Watchers {these sale on Amazon for $45.00}.

 In order to be entered into the giveaway you simply do the following three things:

1. Follow this blog.
2. "Like" my Facebook page. You can find me here: It's My Life on Facebook
3. Come back here and leave me a comment to let me know that you did the first two and let me know what you do to maintain portion control.

I will select the winner next Friday, July 6, 2012.

Good Luck to YOU!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pinterest Review: The Best Punch Ever

I found this punch on Pinterest. It comes from No Biggie. You can find the original post here or on my Pinterest page under Spirits (not the spooky kind).

I have now made this punch twice. I give it two thumbs up on the ease of making it and on the taste!
The ingredients are easy: A frozen can of Barcardi Pina Colada Mix, a frozen can of Pineapple Orange Juice, four 2 liters of Diet Sprite, a bag of pebble ice, and a bag of frozen raspberries.

The cool thing is the layers of the punch. On the bottom it is dark yellow. Then it raises to white. And on top is this layer of berries that as you serve the punch, they break down and turns the entire punch bright pink.

The other super cool thing about this punch is, it only has 2 Weight Watcher Points + points per 8 ounce serving.

The only thumbs down I give this recipe is the sheer amount it makes. I can never get all the ingredients into the punch bowl. {I even went out and purchased this big jar from Target that No Biggie recommends. It was still too small!}  I think to make this you would need at least a 3 gallon jug, but then who has a 3 gallon jug that you can see through. So if you make it in a insulated cooler you just won't get to see the cool layers or the color change.

I made this punch after The Short Chic's dance recital. Everyone loved it. In fact, our Nana loved it so much she asked me to make for Papa's Surprise 70th Birthday Party.  The guest loved the punch, which made me happy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Instagram Wednesday's Weekly Review

One of my favorite iphone app's is Instagram.  Instagram is a photo sharing application. I can take photos, edit them and then share them with my followers. 

 Are you using it?  Why not?  If you you love it as much as I?

Well, in my attempt to bring some structure to my blog, I am doing a review of my week via Instagram. 

1. The Boy played baseball last Tuesday. When The Boy was little we would play t-ball next to this big boy field. The baseball boys looked so big compared to my four year old t-ball player. I remember him saying, he hoped that one day he would play on this field. Now we are.
2. The smoker got a huge workout this past week. The Husband smoked pork, ribs and beef for his father's surprise 70th birthday party.
3. Dark, mean grey clouds hung over overhead the day of the party. Two hours before the party was to start, the clouds opened up and poured on us. One hour before party, the sun came out and dried up all the rain!
4. The beef we smoked for the party.

5. On a whim I purchased a cotton candy machine. We broke it out at the Surprise 70th Birthday party. Who knew spinning cotton candy was so much fun!
6. During the party, The Short Chic was playing inside with her cousins. Apparently, no one was watching. She decided to color all over her Nana and Papa's walls. This took me back to when I was a little girl. My cousin Cheryl and I put a little mark on my grandma's wall. Whew!! I got into so much trouble. Luckily for The Short Chic markers have come a long way. She used washable chalk and I would say 99% came off the wall.
7. Dog tired as we were the day after the party, we got up early and headed to the baseball fields. The Boy was playing in a wooden bats tournament.
8. We won 2nd place in that tournament. It was a super hard fight to get into the tournament and we pretty much wiped ourselves out. {Of course, it was also 102 degrees outside as well.}

 9.  I am so not proud to post this photo. This is my basement. And yes, this is what it looks like. This is my newest project. It is my goal to organize and clean this mess up. I am sharing it with you to hold me accountable for progress.
10. Tuesday night we went to visit The Short Chic's best friend, who was hospitalized.
11. Tuesday night we also treated ourselves to Red Mango. I am so addicted to their pineapple/coconut sorbet. I add a tiny bit of dark chocolate, chopped mango's, coconut, and strawberries. I am always amazed that this is my favorite thing at Red Mango. A few months ago, I would have loaded up on chocolate ice cream, candy toppings, and syrups! Oh how my outlook is changing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My "Proud" Parenting Moments

Each of my children learned something new this past week. One is silly. The other is serious. No matter how silly it is or how serious watching them figure something new out is so exciting for a Momma! I am not sure there is anything better than seeing the determination on their faces. And then they turn on you and become the expert!

The Silly Accomplishment!

My Short Chic learned to eat sunflower seeds. As you know, sunflower seeds are a must at baseball games. Fans eat them. Players eat them. I am not sure, do umpires eat them? If they do, do they eat them while umpiring?

One of the other younger sisters showed The Short Chic how to eat them and she asked for her own bag for the games this weekend.

She is already the expert at eating seeds.  She even tried to give me lessons!

Seriously, she is a boot wearin', cut-off shorts, tank top seed eatin' fool!

She might need to practice the art of spitting them out a little more! She is looking forward to the weekend as we have more games to play. Time to buy more seeds.

The Serious Accomplishment:

Getting his permit was only step 1. The Boy is learning to drive.

Tonight was my first opportunity to let him drive my car.

I am not sure who was more nervous. Him? Me? Absolutely me!

You know I do not even recall my parents teaching me to drive. Maybe I have blocked it out? I do recall a summer of drivers education. You know what I remember? The first day of class was the first day I wore my contacts out in public. Oh yeah, and the instructor would let us listen to the radio but we could not sing along.  I remember my friend Susan almost got the radio taken away because she got caught singing out loud!

It is a lot of stress teaching your children to drive. On one hand I so desperately want him to learn to drive.  Driving will bring about the opportunity to get a job.  A job will create some responsibility, and independence. But on the other hand, I absolutely do not want him learning to drive. The independence alone scares me. The risk factors for teens scare me: drinking and driving, texting and driving, making stupid silly mistakes that can create huge consequences.

It is such a double edge sword.  In the end, it is my role to prepare him for adulthood. And so I will teach him to drive. {Unless I can get my husband to do it!}

Some kids enter the legal age to drive with some knowledge about how to drive. They have either been allowed to illegally drive, or drove farm equipment around, or even have drove ATV's or dirt bikes. The Boy, has not been allowed to drive. The one time he did drive an ATV, he ran it into the side of a barn. {A very large metal barn!} He has a lot to learn.

He hugs the outer line and he pays no attention to the speed limit signs.  Oh, and my favorite, he came upon a young woman out jogging and he got distracted by her bending over that he literally took his eyes off the road too long for my liking. 

He is improving. He is doing better on his turns, he signals, he keeps both hands on the wheel.  

Now for all of you who have been down this road before me, please tell me, how did you keep your sanity? I was gripping the dashboard so tight my knuckles were white. I think I held my breath every moment he was driving!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Made by Me Monday

Happy Monday!

I am am going to try and bring some organization to my blog post. So bear with me as I try to establish a pattern!

My father-in-law turned 70 this past weekend. A few months ago my mother-in-law asked my assistance in planning and executing a surprise party for him. My father-in-law lives to fish, so a fishing themed birthday party seemed more than appropriate.

We found some great accessories on sale at Wal Mart: serving bowls, platters, glasses, metal tubs, and tablecloths.The rest of the decorations were made by myself and mother-in-law.  Our color theme emerged as we found such great deals. Our color scheme was blue, turquoise, and lime green.

I got some fabric scraps in our colors and cut out a square design and made a pennant banner. My mother-in-law volunteered to sew the pieces together. We took 2 squares and sewed them together with wrong sides together. This way the front and back of the banner we both finished. The final step was using iron-on transfers to spell out H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y.

I also made a wreath out of tulle. I bought a wire floral wreath and tied slip knots of lime green and bright blue tulle to the frame. Next I took some balsa wood and painted it with Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint. I attached the balsa wood to the frame so that it could be seen in the center of the wreath frame. On the chalkboard painted balsa wood I wrote "Happy 70". I hung the pennant banner and the wreath on the food tent.

For table decorations I used my Cricut. The cartridge, "Boys Will Be Boys" has some cute fish and fishing accessories on it. I cut out fish as large as my Cricut would allow, which was 5 1/2 inches. Half the fish were blue with green trim and the other half were green with blue trim. I also cut out fishing poles. I adhered all the fish and fishing poles to blue and green drinking straws with glue dots. I put them in small juice glasses that were double lined. In between the two layers of the glass, little fishes swam around. All I needed was some type of weight to hold them down. The problem is the glasses were clear acrylic and anything I put in could be seen. At the last minute I remember buying some water beads at a craft fair a few years ago. I really had not used them and luckily for me, I had both blue and green beads. I hydrated them and used them in the glasses to provide weight to keep the glasses on the table and to hold the fish and fishing poles in place. {they made great things to throw at each other as the party progressed.}

We also decided to have a camp fire and roast s'mores. We took little plastic bags and stuffed them with a graham cracker, a marshmallow, and a Hershey's mini bar. I printed name badge labels that said "S'more Goodness, Bill's 70th Birthday.  I had also cut out little 1 inch green and blue fish and put them in the center. The Short Chic was so excited for her Papa's party she asked for a job. She designated herself the S'more passer-outer!

The last thing I made was drink labels. My mother-in-law said she wanted a way to keep track of everyone's drinks {we had 50 people invited to. the party} I used Martha Stewart's chalkboard paint and painted it on some Avery name labels. At the party, I stood at the drink station and served the guest their drinks and wrote their name on the label {it got a little crazy so I am super thankful that one of My Husband's cousins helped me juggle this task}.

The food was not made by me! My mother-in-law decided on some barbecue so The Husband got to prepare all of it! Well, honestly, my mother made the baked beans and coleslaw. I wish I could one day share my mother's baked bean recipe because it is divine but Momma is one of those cooks that never measures a thing. She just adds stuff until it taste the way she likes it!

 Keeping a secret from an adult is not always easy. Papa wanted to go out to eat with his brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and his wife the night of his party. Everyone had to tell little white fibs in keep the secret under wraps. My mother-in-law spent the afternoon leading my father-in-law from place to place in order to keep him away from home so we could decorate and set up for the party.  The weather is the one thing we did not count on! It has not rained here in weeks and was not forecasted to rain at all the day of his party. But wouldn't you know it, we woke up to massive grey clouds...and rain. It rained up till an hour before the party. Once it finally rained, the sun came out and gave us a perfect sunny afternoon. It just delayed our set up for the party!

I must tell you about the birthday gift we decided to give my father-in-law. We decided to collect 70 memories from people who knew my father-in-law. We sent out emails, letters, and hand delivered notes asking people to share a memory they had of my father-in-law and mail it back to us. We then collected them and presented them to him the night of his party. It made a great gift and provided for great discussion as he sat around remembering all the times people wrote about.

As big and strong as The Husband is, he is a sentimental fool. He loved reading those memories to his father. {He even got a little choked up by a few of them! But don't tell him that I told you!}

Happy Birthday Papa!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Weight Watcher Update

I did another weigh in Friday.

I think this makes my 5th weigh in {that is counting the very first one}.

I was down another 2.8 pounds.

Keep in mind that last week I was up  1.2 pounds from the medical procedures that occured right before weigh-in. So, I lost that weight {as I knew I would} and then even more.

Total I have lost 8.2 pounds since re-joining Weight Watchers four weeks ago.

What has helped this week? I have been focusing on eating fresh fruit as a dessert and not sweets. I also cleaned out my cupboards, Power Spaces, and I have been walking. I know that I am a nervous eater. I have to pack snacks to go to the baseball games. Nowadays those snacks are vegetables.

Before you all ask, yes that is a bruise on my arm. It is left over from my cancer check up.

Oh and speaking of cancer check up: I did that Friday too. Once again the test results all came back looking good.  The only bad news I got during my check up is that my doctor is leaving the practice and I have to find a new doctor. EEK!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Power Spaces

What in the world is a Power Space?

A Powerspace was this week's focus at Weight Watchers.   A power space is an environment that supports your weight loss efforts.  It is critical to one's weight loss. "You can't eat it if you don't have it," is the quote from last week's meeting that stuck with me.

Let me give you an example.

Last weekend we went to my mother's home. My mom is the best cook.  Not the healthiest cook, but one of the best!  In fact, I have teased her that the reason I got cancer was because of her fried cooking.  The minute I walked into her house, something jabbed me in the gut. She had a box of sugar cookies and a chocolate cake sitting out on the stove. Right in plain site! The milk in her fridge is 2%, the bread on her counter is white and not the low calorie, high fiber bread I need.

{Her kitchen was not a power space!}

Thankfully, I left her home without eating any of the sweets and managed to be down on the scale.

But that visit got me looking at my own kitchen/pantry.

I am sad to say I bagged up an entire Trader Joe's grocery sack full of things that could easily sabotage a person's weight loss efforts. I had candy bars left over from Christmas. Miss Medical Student brought us some candy from Norway and it was in the pantry: open and half eaten. There was gummy bears from last summer. Peeps from this past Easter. Oh, and we have not even started on the salty treats!

I purged. And I have to tell you how good it feels to get that food out of my house! But, if I am honest, my home was not the only place I had to clean out. I had a bag of oreo's at work. As well as some candy. Oh, yeah, and I found some sweets in my car. {I am not owning those, they belonged to the kids, but they were still there!}

I think it is important to your weight loss efforts to live in a power space. When you get home late, with nothing planned for dinner, you end up mindlessly eating whatever you can find.  I still do that. But now I have to snack on crunchy veggies that are prepped and ready in the fridge.

When I think about power spaces and how necessary they are to weight loss I then think of just how important they can be to every struggle we might face.  When changing behaviors, it is critical to surround ourselves with the best possible options in order to succeed.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Day The Baby Bird Left The Nest

It is a bittersweet day for us. My youngest sibling, who is some 20 years younger than I, left home today. He got his first real job. He is moving several states away.  

He got a degree in Wind Turbine Technology a year or so ago.  His first job is in Guymon, Oklahoma. He is going to be working for a contract company that installs these giant machines. He reports to work tomorrow morning, so he left out today to make the 9 hour or so drive from home to Guymon.

Luckily for him, he actually knows someone there working on Wind Turbines already. He is going to let my brother stay with him for a few days. His new company pays his salary, plus food, and lodging. Transportation is his only expense.  He was so excited to get a job in his field that he forgot a few things. He has no idea how often he gets paid. Nor does he know if he has health insurance. We chalked those questions up to things he will ask next time he gets a job!

He knows he will be in Guymon through September and beyond that he has no idea.

We helped him gather is tools. Packed his stuff. Loaded his car. Made him a picnic lunch. Okay, and we made a few jokes at his expense. So, on this day that we celebrate and honor our fathers, we sent our youngest father into a new chapter in his life.

I thought saying good bye to him would be hard. {My own son is a few short years away from being sent off to college and I thought this would be just a preview of what is to come my way.} I did not wear a bit of make up thinking I would be crying it off. Maybe it is because he is a goof. Or knowing that we will see him again in a few short months.  But saying good bye was easier than expected.

Good Luck, Baby Bird! You are a smart kiddo and have so much to look forward to in this life. I wish you the whole world!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just A Little Bump

Fourth Weight Watcher's weigh in. I was up +1.2 pounds.

Two things contributed to my 1.2 gain. I shall start with those in my control.

After weighing in last week, and having a -2.8 loss {while on vacation} I kinda went into celebration mode. I had three bad days of eating. I still did not eat a lot of food. But I also did not track or count.  {I even had a candy bar at the movies Saturday night! And the oddest thing happened, it made my tummy hurt.}

I got right back on track, went back to the tracker and watched the weight continue to come off the rest of this week. Getting on the scale this morning, before getting dressed, I weighed exactly the same thing I did last week before my weigh in. After the three days of not eating well, I was going to be really okay with staying the same.

But...I had to check into Cancer-world today. I got to the hospital at 9:00, had blood drawn, and was immediately given 40 ounces of stuff to drink that contained the contrast needed for my CT scans. Then during my CT scan, I was given more fluids through an IV.  I knew there was no way all of that fluid was going to be out of my system prior to weigh-in time.  For a moment I contemplated not weighing in today. I could have gotten up early tomorrow and did it. But, today is my day. And I am going to do it no matter what!

All in all, I took a +1.2 gain. Yes, it is a small set back but in the bigger picture this is a hiccup. I shall keep plugging along. {In fact, I meet my husband at the airport and rode my bike for 7.5 miles today!}

Cancer-world. Well, it still stinks! I have no concerns that today's test won't come back clean. But the act of going through the test is a chore for me. I have tempermental veins. They like to collapse or close up instead of working when poked. They poked my left arm this time and five hours later, I can still feel the bruise growing.  The test results will not be ready until next week.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Maybe Now I Know

When I was little, I spent a lot of time in a Baptist Church. One thing that I remember from those formative years of learning is that we are not suppose to question God. His plan may not be known at the time, but he would test us, challenge us, and we were to go through these moments without questioning why. For none of us knew what his plan for us was.

Let me tell you, when you get handed the cancer diagnosis, that is exactly what you want to do. Ask Why.  Sometimes it comes out in the form of a How question. How did this happen? And the medical community responds to that. They talk to us about diet, exercise, genetics, and other environmental factors. Sometimes their explanations lack substance and we are still wondering why.

I still do not understand how I got cancer. Much less why. In my head I rationalized it by thinking thoughts like, I would do this ten-fold if it meant that my children would never have to. But honestly, I relied heavily upon those formative years of biblical upbringing. I accepted that His plan for me might be revealed later in life. Or maybe I would never know.

Yesterday, I was put in the right place at the right time and I saw exactly why I might have been put through such a challenge.

I encountered a co-worker. I knew she had been out of work that morning with a doctors appointment. Upon coming back into work, she sat down beside me. I was busy doing my own thing but something/someone tapped me on the shoulder and made me look in her direction.{In case you missed it, no one literally tapped me on the shoulder. It was a very odd feeling to look in her direction.}

I noticed quickly that she just looked distraught. Her face was white as a ghost, her eyes were watering, and she was trying hard to breathe deeply. I asked her if she wanted to step outside and she quickly said yes.  Alone, she started talking, more to herself than anyone. But, I was there. She said she had gotten back some  very bad results to some test. She was young, had young children and never thought she would have those words said to her.

She did not have to tell me what the results where. I knew. In a flash I knew how she was feeling. I knew her fears. I knew her thoughts. I stood there listening to her knowing all she was going through. Has it only been two years ago when I myself was saying the same things?  She said she sat in her car for the longest time before walking into work trying to convince herself she could come in and pretend everything was normal. Like anything can be normal after you hear that c word said in relationship to your health and future for the first time.

This is the second time I have been in this place in the past month. A friend of mine from way back reached out to me and I listened to them tell me their diagnostic story. Just as with the coworker, I have no fancy words to make it better. I can only tell them that they are not crazy, and their reaction to this news seems to be "normal". Or at least it is how I reacted.

During both conversations, it occurred to me that this is exactly why I might have been given the challenge I was given. I was tested, went through an experience that was not pleasant...more like going through Hell. I can tell you, as I stood before each of these women and listened to them and shared their fears and heartbreak, there was no where else I would have been.

I carry these two women with me now on a daily basis. I send them positive thoughts. Mental hugs. I say prayers and chants even. I wish them peace. And knowledge. And grace. But most of all, I am wishing them health.

I hope you will lift them up as well.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mod Podge Clipboards

It is baseball time.   Which means we spend a lot of time at the baseball fields and spend a lot of time trying to find ways to entertain The Short Chic while we are there.

Last week we were at a tournament about an hour from home. The Short Chic packed some toys and a coloring book. She did her best to entertain herself by coloring her new Disney Princess coloring pack. But we had no table. She ended up using the ground. But it was super windy and her coloring pages just got blown around. She got creative and used a toy as an anchor.

I decided to come up with a much better option for her. So, I headed to Wal Mart and picked up some super inexpensive clip boards.  I used my scrapbooking supplies to come up with paper (3 sheets total), stickers, and ribbon. The last thing  I grabbed was my bottle of Mod Podge.

Of course, if I am making her a cute clipboard, I am going to make one for myself!

So, I got a big clipboard for me and a small sized one for The Short Chic!

Paint or Ink. As I was making these while on vacation and I forgot to pack paint, I inked the edges around the top. That clip is kinda hard to maneuver with paper, so it is just easier to ink it or paint it.

 Cutting paper. I used three different papers. I cut 2 inch strips for the small clipboard and 3 inches for the large sized one. You will need 5 total strips. You will also need one piece that covers most of the back of the clipboard. I used about a 1/2 inch to an inch boarder.

her paper

 my paper

Mod Podge it!  Just follow the instructions on the bottle. I started with the top and bottom paper. I put Mod Podge on the clip board and the back of the paper.  I centered the paper and wrapped the edges around to the back. This helped cover the sides of the clipboard too.

Repeat until covered.  Next just keep working with each layer.  It is okay to overlap the layers. Just remember to center them and wrap the ends to the back.

Add some ribbon!  I wanted to do something to cover the seams of the paper. So I Mod Podged some ribbon over each paper seam. Make sure you wrap the ends to the back also. 

Embellished up!

Embellish!  I added a cute paper die cut to my clipboard. To hers I added a cute butterfly sticker and used some glitter stickers to add her initials. After I had all the fun stuff added to them, I Mod Podged the clipboard again. I let the front dry. Then turned it over and  added, the large piece of paper to cover the back, and then put Mod Podge on the back.
The back of the clipboards.

I also cut lots of ribbon and tied it to the clip itself. Just to jazz it up a bit!

The finished product: 

She can color with her clipboard on her lap now and not on the ground. Now she can enjoy those long double headers!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Face Lift!

I am so happy to say that while I was on vacation, my blog got a face lift!

My blog is just shy of two years old and as some of you might have read last week, I found out the site I was using to make it look pretty had some issues.

Thanks to all the hard work of The Fairy Blogmother, I have a new look.  There are a few new things. Maybe I need them, maybe I don't. I have a new button, that you can put on your blog if you like this blog. I also have new buttons making it easier to follow me! Some of you are always saying you can never remember the blog address. Well, check out my RSS feeder button and sign up, it will send post directly to your email.

So, there you have it! Please take a moment and let me know what you think of the new look! What is is your favorite thing?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making Choices

"Choice, not destiny determines your future."

 I am on vacation this week.  Being on Weight Watchers brings a whole new perspective to vacations.
 Historically, vacations mean free reign over eating. I would eat large meals, have snacks, and of course, dessert! By the time vacation would be over, I would be up another ten pounds. This time I wanted to do it differently.

 I read this quote on some Weight Watchers material and I let it be my guide. For everything.

1. We are staying in a condo, miles away from restaurants, so eating-in is our best option. I planned a menu. It included healthier options for me. For example, extra lean ground turkey for me when the family had hamburgers. Or a bowl of whole grain cereal and a banana while the family had biscuits and gravy.

 2. This is a huge resort in the Ozark Mountains. They provide free shuttle service to and from places. I chose to walk most of the places I went to. Including up large hills!

3. There are at least six swimming pools on property. {Confession time: I have a huge phobia of getting my face in the water!} In the past, IF I got in the water, it was to waist level and I just stood there trying to not get splashed! But not this trip! I put on a pair of goggles and took off swimming {fear of swimming did not equal a lack of knowledge about how to swim}. Oh boy, have I swam this week!

4. Controlled temptation, without depriving myself! I love to make yummy food for others, and that includes desserts. I want to find a way of having desserts in my life in a healthy way. I have made and had two desserts this week. They were yummy and rich! But, I only had them each once. I did not have several servings of them. And I increased my activity on those days. After boating, my father-in-law purchased everyone ice cream. Not just ice cream but king sized ice cream bars {The Short Chic's bar was the "winner" with only 280 calories vs The Boy's which had nearly 500!}. I totally passed on the ice cream.
AND, the resort has a cookie lady. She comes by your room every night and delivers fresh baked cookies. I consumed zero cookies on the entire trip!

 5. Redefined pleasure! My husband and his father are big breakfast eaters and makers. Their breakfast includes: has browns {starch}, biscuits {starch}, gravy {starch}, eggs, ketchup, and toast {starch}!On the morning of our boating day, my husband wakes up and makes a big breakfast. I had whole grain cereal, a banana, and skim milk {5 points}. As we were eating, my Father-in-law says to me, "Pamela, I am really sorry you are missing this wonderful breakfast." {I will say he was being sincere, the thought of eating cold cereal would be the last thing he would ever consider eating!} My response to him, was that when I weighed in on Thursday morning and saw that weight loss recorded on my paper, then he could feel sorry for me! A longer term goal out-weighed a moment!

 6. Sought out assistance. I am on vacation in the Ozark Mountains and the second thing I planned out {the food menu being number one} was where is the closest Weight Watchers Meeting! Thursday morning my husband and I got up, arranged for supervision of the kiddo's, and drove forty-five minutes to the nearest meeting site.

This is my third weigh-in. I lost 2.8 pounds this week. And I was on vacation! My total weight loss in two weeks is 6.6 pounds! A friend of mine posted a question on facebook yesterday, it asked "when was the last time you did something new?"

Now, I can say I lost weight on vacation!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oatmeal

I joined Weight Watchers last week.

No high fives yet! I originally joined Weight Watchers in 1995/96 and successfully lost 45 pounds. I kept it off for a few years and then got pregnant with The Boy {Yes, he is now 15}. Since then I have re-joined Weight Watchers more times than I can actually remember. 

I weighed in today and want to tell you all that I lost 3.8 pounds. 

This week I ate a lot of overnight oatmeal for breakfast.  I wanted to share the recipe with you because it is too yummy to stay in my kitchen.

1/3 cup of Old Fashioned Oatmeal (uncooked)
1/3 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
1/3 cup Greek Yogurt (I used Stoneybrook Farms Oikos' Plain)
1/2 teaspoon Chia Seeds
2 Tablespoons Better'n Peanut Butter (from Trader Joe's)
1/2 Tablespoon Hershey's Unsweetened Cocoa
2 packets of Truvia
1 Banana

Mix everything together in a bowl. Put the mixture into a seal-able container and put it in the refrigerator overnight.  It makes 1 serving. Each serving has 7 Points Plus Weight Watchers Points.
Total Calories is 403, Total Carbs: 74g, Total Fat: 6 g, Total Protein: 18 g.
This breakfast sustains me from breakfast time (about 8:00) until lunch time (12:00). It also provides me with  a great chocolate fix, which to be honest I need!