Friday, February 28, 2014

Tammy's Disney Side

I am not the only person I know showing their Disney Side. A few of my friends have recently shown their Disney Side. In honor of Disney’s latest campaign, “Show Your Disney Side” and @Home Celebrations, I am showing a few other celebrations I have recently been a part of. You can show your at

This lady had a birthday this week. We celebrated in the office by doing a “Week of Birthday”. She got a small gift every day of the week.

On Monday she was given a simple roll of Mickey Mouse Duct Tape. {Have you checked out all the cool patterned Duct Tape available?} Along with the Duct Tape, I sent her this link to make your own Duct Tape Wallet.

She went home that night and made a Mickey Mouse Duct Tape Wallet. I have never seen someone so excited over a roll of tape!

In addition to Mickey Mouse party lights on Tuesday when Tammy came to work she found hanging above her cubical a bunch of Mickey Mouse Decorations. She was tickled to death! Tammy says the decorations will now stay up till 2022. That is the year she will retire.  And the year I will cry. Thank goodness that is eight years away and I don’t have to think about it now.

Wednesday we had to give her two days worth of presents because she decided to take a day off work. Besides Mickey Mouse the thing that she likes the best is Coca-Cola. So, what a better combination than a Mickey Mouse Tumbler with a 12 pack of Coke? She could not think of a better combination!

On our final day of celebrating her, she got a Mickey Mouse candy jar full of her third favorite thing in the world; dark chocolate:  Dark Chocolate M and M’s, Dark Chocolate Lindor Truffles, and Dark Chocolate Dove Promises.  If you ever want to see a happy coworker, fill her favorite candy jar up with her favorite guilty pleasure!

Happy Birthday, Tammy! I hope you have a wonderful year full of good surprises all year long!


I received free products in order to host the Disney Side@Home Celebrations. The opinions expressed here are my own. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Disney Side

As the Midwest is bracing ourselves for another round of winter weather, I find myself dreaming of warmer weather and longer days. Every time I walk outside and feel the bitter sting of the cold air on my skin, I mentally visit my happy place.

Do you have a happy place? Mine is Disney World.  Or Disneyland. I don't discriminate between the two. They both make me happy! I have been doing a lot of Disney Dreamin'  this winter. It is my personal coping skill to deal with the bitter cold. 

Disney's new campaign is underway. They are asking people to connect and show their Disney Side. We hosted a party last week to celebrate our Disney Side and to do a little planning for our upcoming visit to Disney World in October.  The Disney Vacation Planning DVD sure did help us with our planning and helped everyone reminisce about their trips to Disney and get excited about the next one. Do you need to plan a Disney Vacation? Let help you!

One of the things that I love at Disney World is all of the different Mickey/Minnie Ears that you can find. So, between all the talk about Disney's new Magic Band and Disney's Fast Pass Plus {Do you know you can know reserve your rides up to three days before you even enter the park?} we made Minnie Ears. 

Following the instructions at Spoonful's Mickey and Minnie Ears we used felt and glue to make some easy non-sew ears.   

As our talk turned from rides to dining options {Did you know there are more than 100 restaurants within Disney World?} we got a little hungry.  I assembled a Trail Mix Bar for the guest which allowed me to sit back and enjoy the evening with them instead of working away in the kitchen. You can assemble a Trail Mix Bar easily enough. Just pull together a variety of ingredients to give your guest a choice. Try some of these:
  • Mini pretzels
  • Goldfish Crackers
  • M&M candies
  • Raisens
  • Craisens
  • Peanuts
  • Yogurt-covered raisins or pretzels
  • Popcorn
  • Wasabi Peas
  • Peanut Butter chips

In honor of our Disney Celebration I made a Snow White Punch. 

Snow White Punch
8 cups of white grape juice
2 cups of grapefruit juice
Juice of one lime
1 bottle of sparkling water
Lime, Lemon, or Orange slices

Combine all the juices together and chill. Just before serving add a chilled bottle of sparkling water and garnish with citrus slices.

After our snacks, we played around with HP's Photo Card Pack. The HP Photo Card Pack contains exactly what you need to create fun, Disney Side cards that you can customize with your photos and mail to family and friends. I will confess to being a little challenged when it comes to my wireless printer but once The Husband helped me, it was super easy to print off our cards. Customizing our cards was super easy at Disney Side Celebrations

By the end of the night, we had customized our Magic Bands, we had selected our character dining experiences, we selected the other  restaurants to dine at, and we figured out our dining plan. As I plan to borrow into our home, once again, I will be dreaming of warmer and longer nights that we will spend at Disney World in October. Planning to share my Disney Side. 

I received free products in order to host the Disney Side@Home Celebrations. The opinions expressed here are my own.